Sean Henry Sculpture: Galerie Andersson Sandstrom, Sweden

26 August - 3 October 2010

With his realistic bronze sculptures, depicting ordinary men and women, Sean Henry has achieved great success around the world. Now, Stockholm is presented with Henry's first solo exhibition, at Gallery Andersson/Sandstrom. 


The office worker in a suit on the street, who stops for a second to look up to the sky. The woman with a tight ponytail and a smile which is not quite convincing. The absent-minded man who is well dressed, but has not noticed the wrinkle underneath his jacket. All of them are included in Sean Henry's gallery of characters. 


In Sweden, Sean Henry's works have been shown at sculpture festivals, and several cities have permanent public pieces. Outside of the University College of Boras, one finds Catafalque, a man who is lying down looking up into the sky, locally entitled 'The Lazy Student'. At the town square in Umea, the work Standing Man is dressed in scarf and mittens by carings townspeople during wintertime, and outside of the Gavle hospital, the 83 cm tall Man Looking Up is great in all his smallness. 


Galleri Andersson/Sandstrom has worked with Sean Henry since the turn of the millenium and this is his second solo exhibition curated by the gallery.