HEAD TO HEAD: GBS Fine Art. Wells.

1 October - 26 November 2022

This exhibition has been curated by Giles Baker-Smith and Cedric Christie, and includes  a new plaster work by Sean Henry called   'Head Of A Woman'.


GBS Fine Art says: "Head to Head is a joyful celebration of the multiplicity of approaches artists have long revealed in depicting the human head. Not remotely comprehensive and never ever didactic, this exhibition revels in diversity - from Dürer to Bacon to the unabashedly contemporary, from the classical to the frankly bizarre. It embraces all media - sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and print-making - and offers them up in a wild, non-judgmental “St Petersburg hang” in our gallery in a Georgian townhouse in Wells in Somerset"


The 70 artists in the show include Stuart Pearson Wright, Ken Currie, Gavin Turk, Mark Entwisie, Francis Bacon, Sarah Edwards amonsgt others.


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