Sean Henry: Das geprüfte Leben | The Examined Life: Kulturzentrum Englische Kirche & Galerie Scheffel

29 July - 27 August 2016

Twelve sculptures by Sean Henry are currently on show in two seperate locations in Bad Homburg, Germany - at the Kulturzentrum Englische Kirche and Galerie Scheffel, both in Ferdinandstrasse in the centre of the city.


The show at the Kulturzentrum Englische Kirche centres around the figure of a sleeping man, alone in a double bed located at the head of the church. Two new monotone works in black "Standing Man" and "Seated Man" stand guard, left and right, in front of the chancel and altar platform. A new edition of the 2.6m high "Woman (Being Looked At)" from 2006 gazes down the long chapel towards the sleeping figure, while two pieces from Henry's 2011 exhibition Conflux are set to each side of the central body of the church.


Opposite the church at Gallerie Scheffel, works based on the same man spanning a period of 10 years include the multi-scaled sculptural group entitled "You're Not The Same" (2005), T.B.T.F (2013), and Henry's new Seated Figure (2015).


For more information, availability and opening times, please contact the gallery by clicking HERE.