Here & Now: Solo show at LKFF Brussles, Belgium

3 March - 24 April 2016

For the 2nd time in Brussels, LKFF presents a solo exhibition of English sculptor Sean Henry, recognized throughout Europe and the US for his impressive polychrome figures in bronze. 

In this new show titled “Here and Now”, Henry brings us his very own vision of “the Millenials”, “Generation X” or even “The Baby Boomers”. To each generation its codes, its existential crisis’s, its culpabilities and aspirations... Well anchored "here and now" in today’s world, Sean Henry’s figures are each the representation of an ambiguous reality. At times they reflect an exciting or maybe pre-occupying inner life; at other times they seem calm and reflective... Each figure comes over more or less familiar, which makes us want to invent their story, fill the gaps in their lives in order to answer all the questions left open to interpretation.


Address: Rue Blanche nr 15, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

The gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturday, 12:00 noon to 6.00 p.m. or by appointment.

For more information, please visit LKFF