Sean Henry: Sculpture & Drawings

Publisher: Osborne Samuel.

ISBN: 978-1-8380076-2-1

Dimensions: 300 x 230mm

Pages: 84

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"This collection of new work is ambitious, in particular the dancing figures; it is such a challenge for the sculptor to capture energy, tension and dynamic movement. These figures echo some of his earliest works, perhaps the wheel has come full circle. It has been a difficult year and Sean has intimated that events in his personal life and of course in the wider community have influenced his new work. By engaging with these sculptures perhaps we become closer to understanding how we feel about and respond to the strange and socially distanced world we now inhabit."

Peter Osborne [Excerpt from "Waiting For The Sun" catalogue essay]


"When I began the new Lying Man in March the piece was about time passing and dreams, but now he is out on his own in the world, in late 2020, the work feels like it has a more serious connection to health and to breathing – although ultimately its emotional resonance resides in the mind of the viewer.

The great thing about art is that it will change again: the object remains while meanings shift through different periods in our lives, so that we might look back at something when we are older and feel entirely different about it. The reality of the work is affected by what we bring to it ourselves."

Sean Henry [Excerpt from "Waiting For The Sun" catalogue essay]