Limited Edition Hardback + Sculpture
Hardback 128 pages
Publisher: Lamberto Fabbri
Dimensions: 340 x 250 x 18 mm

A new limited-edition 128 page hardback book, published to mark the 20th anniversary of Sean's 1998 solo exhibition & book "The Centre of the Universe" held at the Circolo Degli Artisti in Faenza, Italy.


Designed by Lamberto Fabbri in collaboration with Sean Henry, and produced by Mario Verita at Legatoria Timbrificio Universo in Ravenna Italy, this book contains poems by David Hart, Alberto Bertoni and Tom Nesbit, with introductions from Lamberto Fabbri and Sean Henry, and essays by Dr Tom Flynn and Beatrice Buscaroli Fabbri. It has over 90 colour plates illustrating sculptures and drawings made between 1988 and 2018, with each book having a unique hand-made cover produced from oil printed Parisian paper, with sheep skin parchment hinges. Numbered and signed from 1-200, the book revisits some of the original poetry from the 1998 publication, while covering the developments in Sean's work and life over the following 20 years.

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100 unique miniature sculptures have been produced to accompany the first 100 books.

Each figure 22-24cm high (see final photo in "sample pages")

Subject to availability...