Upcoming exhibition 'Forever in the Now' at Victoria Square, Woking, UK

Royal Academicians Nigel Hall and David Mach join ten other established sculptors in a unique group exhibition of sculpture, curated by artists Sean Henry and David Worthington and sponsored by THE LIGHTBOX


FOREVER IN THE NOW will bring together 24 sculptures by a group of sculptors who each pursue individual and personal visions to create thought-provoking and memorable artworks. The exhibited works span the divide between figuration and abstraction, and yet remain in close visual dialogue with each other and with the viewer.


The show will take place in a new 350 square meter sculpture gallery at the heart of Victoria Square, Woking – a large new development in the town centre, located 5 mins walking distance from Woking station.


The exhibition will run from March 23  - May 22  2022.

Open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm. Access free.


Artists selected by Sean Henry: 

Laura Ford, Lucy Glendinning, Nicola Hicks, Kenny Hunter, David Mach (RA)


Artists selected by David Worthington:

James Capper, Nigel Hall (RA), Simon Hitchens, Eilis O’Connell, Richard Perry


 For photo, videos, and much more information on the show please visit the exhibition's own website: FOREVER IN THE NOW

January 12, 2022