Ekebergparken, Oslo, Norway

James Turrell has created a stunning site specific two-room installation called 'Skyspace' in an old underground water reservior in the middle of the forest in Ekebergparken, Oslo. The revitalised 64-acre public park overlooking the harbour entrance, opera house and Astrup Fearnley museum has now opened to the public. Refurbished by Norwegian businessman and art collection Christian Ringnes (by way of non-profit foundation C Ludens Ringnes Stiftelse) 32 works of art by international artists are spread out along 3km of scenic gravel pathways.


The park includes historic works by artists such as Auguste Rodin and Artistide Maillol as well as new permanent installations by Tony Oursler, Dan Graham, Louise Borgeois and Jenny Holzer among others. Plans are in place to add a further 30 pieces over the next 15 years, which will be integrated into the park with an emphasis on maintaining the wild, forested grounds. For more information please visit:



October 7, 2013