Heavy Metal and Stones, Umea, Sweden

Galleri Andersson/Sandström in Umeå, Sweden, is inaugurating this autumn’s art season with an exhibition solely dedicated to the genre, which has become the gallery's hallmark through the years: sculpture. In this extensive group exhibition, a myriad of materials and expressions are presented, close to a miniature edition of Umedalen Skulptur. Supporters of the gallery will recognize several of the artists, with works never previously exhibited before.

Here, one will find the characteristic billowing shapes of the master of materials, Tony Cragg, but made out of glass - a material rare even for him. The works have a kinship with the abstract sways of the aluminum sculpture Loop, by world-renowned Swedish artist Eva Hild. However, these ethereal elements are efficiently contrasted by two diabase blocks which seem to stand in a perpetual dialogue, a classic work by the Japanese-Swedish sculptor Takashi Naraha.

Nonetheless, this exhibition is dominated by the figurative, with works by beloved artists such as Sean Henry and Assa Kauppi. But the austerity of these contemplative figures does not fully succeed in sensitizing the observer’s gaze, before the stillness is jogged by absurdity. In Figs, a pile of pumpkins and cabbages in nickel silver strive upwards towards the sky. This perilous balancing act is signed by the Danish sensation Tal R. And at the gallery's entrance hall, the visitor is greeted entirely by an exposé of Kari Cavéns inventive mischievousness.

In Heavy Metal and Stones, one will find examples of the duality so intrinsic within the sculptural format: the comical and playful, the serious and serene. The exhibition also testifies to the resilience that characterizes works in materials such as bronze or stone. Because regardless of the frailty expressed by an individual artwork, the material itself will undeniably carry persistence towards time and space. Here, we will also face unexpected meetings between diverse artistic expressions. For in this contrasting clash of abstraction and figuration, of hard and soft aesthetics, of transparency and solidity, it stands clear that the interplay between sculptural works is undeniable enriching.

Participating artists:

Kari Cavén [FI], Tony Cragg [UK], Sean Henry [UK], Eva Hild [S], Assa Kauppi [S], Takashi Naraha [JP] och Tal R [DK].


Opening: Thur, Sep 5
Exhibition Extends: Sep 5 – Oct 11

Umedalen skulptur i miniformat 

September 5, 2013